In order to promote hospital diagnostic services and the importance of the participation of specialized groups in this regard, the Supreme Council of the hospital, according to the following table, will be formed from the directors of the groups who will work according to the proposed duties of the council in line with the policies of the hospital.

Khalil Alizadeh M.D
Founder of Atieh Hospital

Gholamhosein Kazemian M.D
Koshk Atieh Medical Company C.E.O


Ahmad Rashid Farokhi M.D
Head of High Council

Hadi Gharebaghi M.D
Deputy Director of Treatment Supervision and Secretary of the Supreme Council

Mehdi Babvinejad M.D
Head of Department of Cardiac Surgery

Mohammad Kazemian M.D
Head of Department of Pediatrics & Infants

Hossein Nayeb Aghaei M.D
Head of Department of Neurosurgery

Ataollah Moshirabadi M.D
Head of Department of Orthopedic

Hosein KHatibi M.D
Head of Department of Spinal Surgery

Mitra Modares Gilani M.D
Head of Department of Gynecology

Ali Yaghoubi M.D
Head of Surgery Department and Head of Emergency Department


Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr M.D
Head of Department of Thoracic Surgery

Mehdi Fathi M.D
Head of Department of Plastic Surgery

Mohammad Mohsen Mazlomfard M.D
Head of Department of Urology

Javad Mikaeili M.D
Director of Internal Medicine Department and Head of Department of Endoscopy

Sadegh Rajaei M.D
Pharmacy Manager

Ali Hajghasemali M.D
Head of Anesthesiology Department

Farid Kosari M.D
Head of Laboratory Department

Mehdi Norollahi M.D
Head of Radiology Department

Naser Movaseghi M.D
Head of Cardiology Department

Samira Tabibian M.D
Head of Nephrology Department and Director of Dialisys Department

Saeed Ghazvinian M.D
Head of Neurology Department

Mehrzad Mirzaniya M.D
Head of Hematology Department

Zahra Laleh Eslamian M.D
Head of Labor room

Arsis Ahmadieh M.D
Head of CAT lab Department

Babak Sabeti M.D
Head of Psychiatry Department

Poya Kalani M.D
Head of ICU Department

Mohammad  Reza Almasi M.D
Head of  Department E.N.T
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