Research and development is an essential requirement for constant growth of the organizations and service generating structures. Evaluating external and internal environments/circumstances, innovation of new technologies, supporting the creativity of internal staff, finding new resources and providing inspirations are the main responsibilities of the research and development unit.

The hospital’s research and development unit being the first among private hospitals was established with the prospects of enabling and improving research culture.

The aim of this creative and pioneer establishment/unit is to improve the society’s health and hygiene and it’s willing to make the needful efforts to increase the awareness and improve the social level up to the global standards.

With regards to this hospital’ prestige and reputation across the country and particularly in Tehran, the staff of the research and development unit are decided to provide a suitable environment for increasing the quality and the quantity and research capacities by utilizing the results. Besides, equipping this unit has prevailed and improved the quality of the research activities and efficient yet functional ideas are supported on all fronts until they reach to a desirable conclusion.

Creation and improvement of research capacities/potentials and encouraging the colleagues especially the doctors and the nurses of the hospital to conduct clinical researches, help the hospital’s improvement through activities such as Research, training, consultancy and gathering data to support the managers’ decisions.

-Research orientation considering the necessity of maintaining ethics in research.
-Empowerment of colleagues in different fields and research in particular.
-using the result of these researches to solve the problems and improve the health level in society.
-Expansion and extension of communication and co-operation with private or government organizations through collaborative researches.

-Expansion of functional researches with emphasis on clinical research.
-complete support of the people who are interested in research.
-Development of communicational infra-structure and expansion of co-operations with private and government organizations.

-    Research designing and methodology counseling.
-    Research projects’ preparation and compilation counseling.

1- Creating scientific-research councils to promote the educational and researching goals of this center and organizing the scientific services in hygiene and treatment field.
2- Organizing 2 training courses on primary research techniques for nurses.
3- Enquiring on the patients’ satisfaction of the sevices presented in this hospital
4- Checking the consistency of nourishment with the mother’s milk and the reasons for cessation of breastfeeding  among the babies born in this hospital.
5- Considering the effects of the trainings in the care plan of the mental health office on child raising stresses of the mothers.
6- Enquiring about patients’ satisfaction from ATIEH hospital’s pain clinic.
7- Evaluating the social and economic status of the entire hospital staff.
8- Conducting series of courses called “skills in making effective connection with the patient” for head nurses in presence of Dr.Zarani.
9- Evaluation of high degree and middle degree managers of therapeutic (supervisors and nurses) and non-therapeutic sections of the hospital.
10- Preparing the non-compliance forms of the hospital for the nursery council.
11- Performing the second phase of the “patients’ satisfaction“project in the hospital.
12- Compare and contrast of the different temperatures recorded by mercury and digital thermometers.
13- Inaugurating an objection desk in co-operation with the computer and survey center regarding backup/supporting units.
14- Enquiring on job satisfaction of the night shift nurses noticing their personality features and their socio-economic status.
15- Checking the accountability extent of the hospital staff/personnel from their own aspect and offering suggestive solutions.
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