This section is located on the 7th floor of the hospital and includes the following section:

All issues related to/concerned with publication of books, magazines, brochures, ... from getting a membership to determining designing standards text editing formats, charts, images and page designing



The activities are as follows:
-Organizing scientific seminars.
-Designing and printing of logo and head letter.
-Designing web page related to the field of expertise.
-Informing the target organization/section through letters and posters (design and print), informing through internet and SMS.
-Typing and sending articles to the scientific committee for evaluation.
-Registering the target organization/section.
-Designing and printing a summary of congress’s/seminars’ articles.
-Contacting medical engineering companies for booth assignment.
-Dealing with all implementory issues In terms of receiving guests and providing adverting gifts.
-preparing instructive CD’s (images, videos) from conducted seminars/congresses.
-providing necessary facilities forholding a work shop/station related to the corresponding seminar.
-Issuing passes for the participants (design, publish and dispatch if needed).
-Communicating with scientific associations in outside the country and conducting collaborative research projects.

-Methodological and statistical examination and improvement of articles.
-scientific and literative editing of the articles content.
-Preparing an article summary and improving its text under standard and international editing frameworks.

To inform the patients regarding diagnosis, prevention and treatment of common diseases.

-Audio CD’S: Translation of article summaries from various fields of medicine, into Persian and recording them on a CD for the doctors.
-Video CD: Preparing instructive videos regarding diagnosis, prevention and treatment of common diseases.
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