The I.C.U-O.H (open heart) is for angioplasty and C.C.U admitted patients. All monitors are equipped with controlling systems for vascular blood pressure, central veins’ pressure, pulse oximetry, temperature, respiration rate, cardiac monitoring, alarm system, Zoll electro-shock machine, internal and external pacemaker, potable radiology machine, electro cardiogram machine, central suction and oxygen system, central alternative suction system and portable suction are included in the facilities of this section.
Special room for ABG test and electrolyte, and resident anesthesia room are also present at this section.In I.C.U-O.H doctors such as cardiologists, heart surgeons, anethsians, hormonologists, pulmonologists and psychiatrists are active if any consultation is needed.
Aims of I.C.U-O.H in terms of special care after the heart surgery:
-admitting the patient from operation theatre and passing them through a reliable recovery
-Accurate cardiac monitoring, vascular pressure, central venous pressure, vascular oxygen, blood pressure and temperature.
-Accurate measurement of post-operative bleeding and treating cases of excessive drainage.
-laboratory investigation and radiology.
-safe passage through extubation.
-preparing patients to be transferred to the ward or for getting through their daily routine.
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