This section owns advanced echo such as stress echo and trachealecho. Administering advanced medications such as Metalizer or tissedoppler to patients in acute stages of cardiac arrest is also done here.
Well experienced cardio surgeons and specialists are present at this section.

C.C.U consists of 2 distinct but adjacent sectors:
1. C.C.U A for men
2. C.C.U B for women

Services given in C.C.U:
-Monitoring patients in order to prevent cardiac damages in case of cardiac patients.
-Preparing patients for angiography and angioplasty and post monitoring them.
-Preparing patients for open heart surgery
-Performing echo such as advanced echo and colored Doppler echo, stress echo, tracheal echo for CRT.
-Performing exercise test.
-Preparing patients for emplacement of single, double or triple chambered temporary pace maker and post monitoring them.
-Adminstration of different kinds of medications in order to control cardiac arrhythmias and controlling the extent of cardiac damages.
-Physical and mental support of the patients,
-Training and educating the patients.
-Cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation of the patients in need.
-Equipped with tele-monitoring for transferring the patients to Para clinical sections.
-Implementation of “SETAREH OMID” plan which means that the patients are looked after by the nurses after being dismissed.

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